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013 The Importance of Play on Creativity

January 29, 2019

Last week we talked about the amazing power in the tool of “What If” and how it impacts your creativity. To continue that idea let’s talk about how important it is to introduce an element of “Play” into your creative process.

Why “Play”?

When we approach our creative pursuits without an element of play, we are more typically focused on a specific end result. There may be client work pressures or just the pressure and consequences we place on ourselves for a less than ideal outcome. There’s absolutely a time and place to get down to business.

But when we play, it’s only then that we are truly able to explore the hidden recesses in our creative minds and discover new paths and direction with our creativity.

The research shows that play-like activities put us into into a psychological state where it’s ok to fail, where it’s ok to wonder “what if?” A result of that thinking is the ability to freely explore the unknown. From that exploration creative insights are much easier to spot.” - Tanner Christensen, Writer at CreativeSomething.Net

Episode Resources

Shuttertime Episode with Antonio Rosario from Street Shots as a guest host.

Antonio heard my episode last week and because of that and an idea from a mutual friend, Mark Rierson, decided to allow for a little “What If” style play with a photography genre he’d always wanted to try. The results, much like the episode of Shuttertime, were fantastic.


Why is Play Essential For Creativity

This article from contains some excellent insight on how Play and What If go hand in hand to allow us to freely create without any fear of consequence.


Hot Kenobi Instagram Account

This is an example where playing with toys and a camera led to a new passion.


Jason Yang @WorkMoreOrLess on IG

Another fantastic example of playful experiments turning out some truly fun and inspiring work.


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