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011 Creative Careers - Why So Serious!?

January 17, 2019

Look online and you’ll find no shortage of information about how to be more creative. It’s everywhere, hell this podcast is all about that VERY thing. But why does it always get discussed from the CREATIVE CAREER viewpoint. Why can’t we just enjoy it?

Can you be a creative without pursuing a career?

So many books, podcasts, youtube videos and more that talk about creativity and the process of pursuing creative pursuits are flooding the market today. To the point where there is real concern that the “cult of creativity” is killing off the ability to be actually creative.


BUT- in ALMOST all of those sources they are approaching the idea of creativity or being creative from the mindset of building a creative career. I understand the allure of people wanting to create things they love creating and being able to generate income from it, but is that the totally wrong approach to take as you try to increase or better your creative muscle?


Is it possible to be a creative person without having to pursue it as a career?


In Praise of Mediocrity

My good friend Than recently sent me this fantastic article by Tim Wu, a law professor at Columbia, and author of the book “The Attention Merchants: The Epic Struggle to Get Inside Our Heads”.


In it, Tim talks about how today’s culture drives us to have to be excellent at our hobbies to the point where it may be killing our ability to just enjoy something for the joy of it. For example, painters can’t just paint, now they have to be pushing to get into a gallery. Do you enjoy playing guitar? Great, now you better be able to be good enough to make it your career.


Is the pressure to be excellent driving people to give up on hobbies in the traditional sense? Where have we lost the perfect joy of doing something for the simple enjoyment of doing it?


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