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009 Riley JB and his Tin Type Adventures

January 3, 2019

Dave sits down for a chat with Official Fuji X Photographer, Stocksy United Contributor and all around gentleman, Riley JB.

Join them as they talk about everything from Riley’s photography work including working as both a Stocksy United Contributor, Fujifilm X Series Ambassador, the world of Stock Photography with Stocksy United, and how he got into Wet Plate Collodion Tin Type photography. It’s a fantastically geeky conversation you won’t want to miss!

Check out Riley’s work at:
– Instagram
– Twitter
– Stocksy United – First time buyers can use code “RILEYJB20” for 20% off!
– Website

Image via Riley JB001 – My Agfa Ansco 5×7 Universal View Camera w/ Industar-37 300mm/4.5 lens used for wet plate collodion


Image via Riley JB002 – 5×7 Tintype portrait | 4 second | f/4.5 | 300mm | Natural Light


Image via Riley JB003 – 4×5 Tintype still life | 8 second | f/4.5 | 210mm | Natural Light


Image via Riley JB 004 – Police & Offender Stock photo shoot (full series


Image via Riley JB 005 – The First Skate (full series


Image via Riley JB 006 – Gentlemanly barber (full series


Image via Riley JB 008 – Real is always better than posed (full series


Riley’s Music Recommendation:


– Colter Wall

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