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November 15, 2018  

002 Chatting with Maury Page

November 15, 2018

David sits down for a chat with Southern Michigan Portrait and Real Estate Photographer and Web Designer, CEO & Founder of MEVO Creative Studios, Maury Page!

Join them as they talk about everything from Maury’s photography work including his workflow and process including how he feels about a mobile editing workflow using tools like Snapseed by Google and VSCOCam X! We get into his web design work a bit and talk about a fantastic project he is documenting in his hometown called Bright Walls! It’s a terrific conversation with a fantastic message about creativity not needing to be complicated!

Check out Maury’s work at:




MEVO Creative Studios


iOS Workflow apps

Touch Retouch App for iOS




Web design sample Maury mentioned in the episode.

Crimson Oak Wood Co


Bright Walls and the awesome before and after slider

Bright Walls

Before/After Slider


Maury’s  Recommendation -

Adam Lucas


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