September 24, 2019

AIC - Original Ideas

Do original ideas still exist? If so do they matter? I want to share a few thoughts on the concept of original ideas with you as well as the most important factor to consider when attempting to figure out if an idea is original or not. 

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September 17, 2019

AIC - Be a person of value

Too often today we, as creatives, spend all of our time and energy on trying to become a success. But we forget about the most important part of creativity, and humanity, and that is becoming a person of value. Let's talk about why it's more important to focus on being a person of value instead of chasing success. 

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This week I’m joined by Kevin M Smith, Author of Human Chess, as we have a conversation about his creative process, his writing, and his journey as an author. 

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This classic sci-fi/horror film is a masterful example of creating suspense through visual AND narrative means. Let’s take a look at what Alien from Ridley Scott can teach us about how to craft intense suspense in our storytelling.

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