Join me on a tale of fantasy in this episode!
Be'al, all-powerful god, drank the blood of his victims. Would Gaar be able to save Marna, whom Be'al kept in eternal sleep, and avenge her people?

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This was Burnett's last trip. Three more shelves to fill with space-slain warriors—and he would be among the living again.

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The wait is finally over!

After a brief hiatus through the month of January, it's finally time for the return of AIC Stories and things are kicking off with a long awaited announcement for you!
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Christmas, the most joyful time of year. But what happens when a group of Demons decides that Santa is bad for THEIR business because he keeping everyone a little TOO happy?

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December 12, 2020

AIC Stories Trailer

With name changes and rebranding comes new purpose and what started as a simple podcast has now morphed and changed into my own storytelling podcast network of sorts. 

THIS is where you can find ALL Adventures in Creativity Productions projects in ONE simple place, the Everything AIC feed. 

So if you love storytelling, both original fiction, classic stories, and even discussion on stories in film and tv, then Everything AIC is where you NEED to be!

What if alternate timelines were possible. A conversation with a TV producer about a new program they are planning gives us insight into what might have been, or maybe, what already IS somewhere else.

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In the race to put a secret space station on the moon, the US Army has a startling realization when they arrive. Secrets can be far more dangerous than they realized. 

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