This week I’m joined by Kevin M Smith, Author of Human Chess, as we have a conversation about his creative process, his writing, and his journey as ...View Details

This classic sci-fi/horror film is a masterful example of creating suspense through visual AND narrative means. Let’s take a look at what Alien from...View Details

We know creativity and art requires hard work. But are you trying too hard to make it happen and what is the danger of pushing too hard?  ----more---...View Details

With great listener feedback, we needed a follow up to our conversation from last week because we may be much closer to understanding the disconnect b...View Details

Why is it so hard for photographers to take a craftsman's approach to their work. Photography seems to miss an essential part of the creative process,...View Details

Dave sits down with Toronto based photographer, Thomas Skrlj. It’s a fantastic conversation that weaves through the art of searching for the story, ...View Details

Last week we talked about how finding time is a huge struggle creatives face. This week let’s tackle the next common struggle, Indecision over which...View Details

There are any number of very real struggles we face as creatives that prevent us from pursuing our creative passions, but public enemy number one is s...View Details

036 Failing Forward

While success in our creative endeavors feels great, it’s actually the act of failing that brings us the most potential for larger long term success...View Details

As a creative we can all use a litte pep talk now and then. Thankfully there are a million great thoughts to get your creative juices pumped up and ex...View Details

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